Privacy Issues and Concerns on Ethereum Network Layer

Or, why not to use Metamask (with default settings)

Introduction Ethereum’s network layer, or more precisely devp2p (or libp2p) while providing encryption and authentication, does not necessarily give user anonymity or privacy. In this post I will point out some of the privacy issues, and potential attacks to de-anonymize Ethereum account owners (i.e. associating an Ethereum account address with the IP address of its owner). For simplicity we do not consider anonymity networks during attack like Tor or I2P, although they will be discussed in the Mitigation section.

Ethereum State Channel Games - Part 1

State Serialization and Fastforward Consensus

In the first part of this state channel tutorial / demonstration, we’ll explore some simple use cases for turn based games like tic tac toe or chess. I’ll skip the basics — if you don’t know what a state channel is or does, please read up about them before moving on. Furthermore, this article aims to be a conceptual guide on implementing state channel, without much copy-paste code. If you are looking for an easy-to-use state channel framework, I am shamelessly self promoting my OpenArcade game engine which comes with state channel support without requiring much effort from game developers.