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About this blog

This is my personal blog for random things. Whenever I think of something interesting, I write it down post it here, hoping someone will eventually find it useful. Think of it as an open journal.

Topics include but not limited to (in no particular order):

  • GNU/Linux
  • Software engineering
  • Security and cryptosystem
  • Blockchain
  • Reverse engineering

About the site on IPFS

This is a static site living on IPFS. You are probably viewing this site through Cloudflare IPFS gateway over HTTPS.

  • push32.com has a CNAME record to Cloudflare IPFS gateway. This uses the IPNS name on DNS link.
    • Keep in mind that Cloudflare might cache the IPFS path resolved from the IPNS name for longer than desired.
  • The DNS link is a an IPNS name, a TXT record on _dnslink.push32.com
  • The IPNS name can be used as a permanent entry to the site


For your privacy, the site uses no external resources, i.e. no external JavaScript or CSS or images (and absolutely no trackers or analytics). Although some posts may include 3rd party links, and such 3rd parties may track you when you click on those links.

The IPFS node hosting the site files maintains no access logs.

However, do keep in mind that:

  • If you are visiting the site from an external IPFS gateway (such as Cloudflare IPFS gateway), the gateway provider can learn what you are reading on this site.
  • If you are visiting the site from your own IPFS gateway (i.e. running your own IPFS node), your peers may learn what you are reading.


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About the author

I’m a free software enthusiast and am a fan of GNU/Linux. I enjoy studying cryptosystems, doing security research, digging into blockchain, and all sorts of infosec things.